How to use the Plugin

Models created using the 1.0.4 version and older of the plugin will require converting once 1.0.5 is released. Please convert for now to Geckolib until the update is released.

Creating the Model

To create a new Azurelib Model, go to File -> New -> AzureLib Animated Model

To choose your model type, go to File -> AzureLib Model Settings and select your object type. Existing types are: Enity/Block/Item, Armor, and Block/Item(Do not use this one, will be removed in the future)

If you have already created a Bedrock or Modded entity model, you can convert it to the Azurelib format by going to File -> Convert Project -> Select AzureLib Animated Model

Switching to the Animation tab

Once you have modeled and textured your model, you will want to click Animate next to the Paint tab. Animating in AzureLib is almost the same as animating in the Bedrock format. Here is a great playlist on YouTube for animating in Blockbench. Molang is also supported with the animations; see the Molang docs here for more.

Exporting the Model

After making your model, you must export several things.

  1. The actual model (File -> Export -> Export Azurelib .geo Model -> save in the geo folder in the assets folder)

  2. The texture (Right-click the texture in the Textures panel and Save As-> save in the textures folder in the assets folder)

  3. The animation (Animation -> Export Animations -> save in the animation folder in the assets folder)

  4. Export the display settings if you are doing a block or item model. (File -> Export -> Export AzureLib Display Settings)

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